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Pawsies – IoT app

Pawsies was an idea that I came up with trying to present an IoT project for a contest with a friend. We won honorific mention and also got some small funds from the government.

Pawsies is a heatlh station for your pet. You’d be able to control its food and liquids intake and also its weight. You’d be able to make vet appointments and track your pet stats. The business projection even included a collar with gps in case your pet got lost.
The concept was minimal, we wanted the device to be integrated with any type of home, so the app had to be clean and straightforward too. On the first screen web we can see the login and the pet registration on mobile. After this there’s the main dashboard with the information regards your device status, your home device and your account.


Design the cross-platform app, monitor the IoT design prototype and being in charge of all marketing communications

  • Date

    septiembre 13, 2017

  • Skills

    UX/UI, management, creative direction, planning,

  • Client


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