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Dermacycle iOS app

Dermacycle is an iOS app made for an Aestethic Center in Buenos Aires. The app allows you to book / cancel appointments for different skin / health treatmens that you had previously bought (not in-app purchases).
I collaborated side by side with the development team which gave me the documentation with a full description of the sections and needs for each screen. The client would give me feedback and I would make the iterations needed.

This is a very simple app and the process went smoothly. I had been warned that the client might be tough as they were annoying with the details and they had a strong style taste but we had no friction at all. They liked my first approach and I could move forward easily. Surprisingly the most iterations we had were icon-wise as they were thorough with the connotations they might have.


Design the app according to the client needs

  • Date

    mayo 10, 2018

  • Skills

    product, UX/UI, iOS

  • Client


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