Hey there!

I'm Yohanna Etchemendy,
a freelance Designer
based in Argentina.

Design is my passion, and I live with it every day and every moment.
Creative soul, I’m a perfectionist by nature and a knowledge lover by heart.


Design criteria is a needed overall skill. I've participated creating merch, events and even my own stationery products.


I've worked as a Product Designer for over 4 years now, in desktop, mobile and cross-platform apps.


A good product relies on the quality of the info displayed. Illustrations make everything better.

These are some of my favourite projects. Come take a look.

I have a wide variety of contributions over the past few years. I take pride in being able to participate in cross-disciplinary teams. From mobile apps to self-animated illustrations. I love everything I do.


from those who worked with me

I had the pleasure of working with Yohanna on several projects, and I can attest to her reliability and commitment once she begins a task. She’s an extremely skillful designer, both for web & mobile platforms, and her communication was always superb. Made it super easy to work through problems and reach the best solution. I consider her an absolute plus for any company requiring UX & Product Design.

— Juan Marchetto

Senior Software Developer

Yohanna is an excellent designer. Her attention to details and passion present on each piece of work she does raise it to the next level. I have had the chance to work with her on different areas such as video games, marketing web pages, mobile applications and on each work he showed excellence on understanding the specific customer and building a visual design that is both visual appealing and useful. She is definitely my main source of advice on anything that concerns user experience!

— Pablo Terradillos

Lead Applications Engineer

Yohanna told me she had this idea of building an app to help people get great burgers around town. I was completely on board after she showed me her ideas for it! I have never worked with a designer so detail oriented, but also totally aware of the global experience of the app. She also has a background in development, making it even easier to discuss ideas or work issues that may turn out. Her energy just doesn't run out, it's kind of infinite, always coming up with something new.

— Nicolás Ameghino

Senior iOS Developer





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